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Need a story? Ask me for one :D

2011-10-31 20:31:02 by Nicknclank

Hello! I am Nicknclank, a fellow newground's user who likes to make stories for people online and IRL.

Have you ever want to make a flash but got NO idea for one? Then PM me and I will gladly help you to make one for you (the story, not the flash)! Are you a flash artist who tried to make cool stuff but got a low score because their story stinked? Ask me, I will help you make a story!

I currently made 1 story with Riott. It's not the best, but my writing and his art are gonna improve a lot, and your gonna see more awesome stuff from us >:3

Anyway, I like to work with everyone except douchebags and people who thinks they're the greatest-animator-in-the-world-because -of-their-flash-that-got-a-rating-of-2 -stars. In other words, yes, I like to work with newbies!

I think EVERYONE deserves a chance to animate something on newgrounds if it's not crap. Again, I will gladly help any beginners for the making of their stories!

So that's all! If annyone is actually reading this, prepare yourself for some of the best stories you have seen on Newgrounds!

So long!


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2011-11-01 23:41:00

i could use a story. to be honest i don't know when im going to have time to work on an animation in the next week or two but it would be awesome to hear an idea or two and actually try to make an animation with a plot and everything.


2015-04-24 13:14:30