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Hello! I am Nicknclank, a fellow newground's user who likes to make stories for people online and IRL.

Have you ever want to make a flash but got NO idea for one? Then PM me and I will gladly help you to make one for you (the story, not the flash)! Are you a flash artist who tried to make cool stuff but got a low score because their story stinked? Ask me, I will help you make a story!

I currently made 1 story with Riott. It's not the best, but my writing and his art are gonna improve a lot, and your gonna see more awesome stuff from us >:3

Anyway, I like to work with everyone except douchebags and people who thinks they're the greatest-animator-in-the-world-because -of-their-flash-that-got-a-rating-of-2 -stars. In other words, yes, I like to work with newbies!

I think EVERYONE deserves a chance to animate something on newgrounds if it's not crap. Again, I will gladly help any beginners for the making of their stories!

So that's all! If annyone is actually reading this, prepare yourself for some of the best stories you have seen on Newgrounds!

So long!

First flash out!

2011-10-30 10:35:56 by Nicknclank

I made the story for a flash with Riott!

Here it is!

So now, I will continue making flashes with him, but if someone else want some sort of story, they can pm me :3

Want to make a flash with me?

2011-10-23 15:47:50 by Nicknclank

I want to make a flash, but I lack at actually doing one. I'm just good at making stories.

I can do a lot of genres, depending on the mood I'm in right now.

So yeah, if you want to make one with me, just write in this thread right here :3

Minecraft: A Zombie Story

2011-09-11 19:22:45 by Nicknclank

That is the title of a story I wrote in the Forum section. Now, if only someone would animate it...

Oh, if you want to see it, just click on 71057 to see it :3

Or just write it in the thing above your computer... I don't know... I just want you guys to enjoy my story :3

Help for Microphone!

2011-08-06 12:00:00 by Nicknclank

I want to do some voice acting. I already have a program (Audacity) but, I need a good microphone with it. Does anyone know a good one that is kinda cheap?

Idea for Flash!

2010-12-17 19:31:55 by Nicknclank

Ok, so I thought about a making a game, but I am very bad at programming (I don't even know all of the basics!) and I can't draw on computer, only in real life... and even so, I can't even color correcly! But that dosen't mean I can't do anything else!

I can do voices for a game, and even write the story. And this is where I need help. Since I can't program, draw OR even make music on the internet, I would want to know if there were some people interested in helping me make one.

If you don't want to help me, at least give me advice on HOW to make one... or just some flashes and music.

If your interested in making a game, PM me and I will send you the story!

So yeah, that's about it!